2020 Results Days updated 12th August

Students who are not able to attend the results days should contact the exams officer (c.gent@kimberleyschool.co.uk) who will be able to make alternative arrangements with them.  

Year 12 and 13 Results’ Day – August 13th

This letter to students, parents and carers sets out the changes we are making to arrangements for collecting results on the 13th August

This letter to students sets out how they can make an appointment with a member of staff after they receive their results.

Year 11 Results’ Day – August 20th

This letter to parents and carers sets out all the information you need to prepare for the 20th August.  We are currently reviewing these arrangements and will contact parents and carers if there are to be any changes.

When students are in school  during results' days they should:

  • wear a facemask  - these are not advised for education settings but for the purposes of results' days, school is not an educational setting

  • maintain 2m social distancing from staff and other students, including outside of the school buildings and gates

  • clean hands more often than usual

  • ensuring good respiratory hygiene by using the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach

Parents cannot enter the school site when the students collect their results.  Parents should also avoid gathering at entrances to the school and should remain at least 2m from other parents, students and staff.  Parents will be told how they can contact the school to talk to staff following the collection of results if this is required.

Important Information on 2020 Exam Grades

As you prepare for receiving your results you may find it useful to review this information

What students should do if they have concerns or questions about their grades?

It might be useful to be aware of these key messages relating to the process this year:

  • At the centre of the process was an acknowledgement that teachers know their students well and schools are able to assess grades with a high degree of accuracy.

  • The grades we submitted to the exam boards were agreed following a rigorous and lengthy exercise undertaken and reviewed several times by subject staff and quality assured by senior staff throughout the process and are not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher.

  • The standardisation model developed by Ofqual and the awarding organisations is statistical and may not reflect the grades we submitted.

  • The standardisation process applied by the exam boards ensures grades awarded this year are consistent with those awarded to other cohorts in other years.

  • This approach was widely consulted on by Ofqual and was deemed the fairest possible approach available under extreme circumstances. It is a rigorous process which means that grades awarded this year are as valid as in any other year.

  • The grades will allow pupils to progress to the next stage of their lives in the normal way

If you are concerned about any of the grades that you have been awarded then you should read  the Ofqual guidance on “What to do if you have concerns or questions about your grades: student guide to appeals and malpractice or maladministration complaints”.  

Ofqual are clear that students cannot:


  • appeal their grades to exam boards, this has to be done by the school

  • appeal their grade because they don’t agree with the centre assessment grade or rank order position submitted by the school.

Students can:

  • request to see their Centre Assessed Grade (the grade the school submitted to the exam boards):

    • From the 13th August, Sixth Form students can request their Centre Assessed Grade using this online form.   

    • From the 20th August, Year 11 students can request their Centre Assessed Graded using this online form.

    • Please note that these forms will not be available until the respective dates set out above.

  • request to see their Rank Order for individual subjects, although this is more problematic as legal advice is that by releasing this information to individual students we may, inadvertantly, disclose pesonal information relating to other students and be in breach of GDPR regulations.  If students do wish to request access to  their Rank Order for subject/s then they will need to submit a GDPR Subject Access Request for this information, the process for doing this is set out in our GDPR policy.


  • ask us to check if we made any administrative errors when submitting Centre Assessed Grades or Rank Orders.  We think this is very unlikely as the Exams Team undertook a forensic approach to checking information was accuracte before it was submitted.  However, if you would like us to check this then please contact our exams officer using the email address below.  If we do find that we made a mistake then we will submit an appeal to the exam board.

  • ask us to submit an appeal if they believe that the exam board has made a mistake in calculating your grade.  If you believe this is the case and would like to request that the school submit an appeal  on this basis then please set out in writing before Friday 28th August to Mr Park (Deputy Head Teacher) the reasons and evidence why you believe that the exam board has made a mistake.  Mr Park will respond to you by Monday 7th September.  If your do not agree with Mr Park's decision then please set out in writing to Mr George (Head Teacher)  the reasons you disagree with Mr Park's decision by Thursday 10th September.  Mr George will review the decision and will respond to you by Tuesday 15th September at the latest.  If we agree that the exam board made a mistake then we will submit an appeal to the exam board before the deadline of the 17th September.

  • make a complaint to the school if they believe there is evidence of discrimination; or they have evidence that the school did not follow the process correctly in their case..  The complaints policy is available on the policies page of our website, this sets out the process you will need to follow.   Before submitting a formal complaint you should attempt to resolve your concerns with the the school informally.   If you submit a complaint then students should provide evidence of either: the alleged discrimination; or how the school failed to follow the process in their case.

  • sit exams in the Autumn term if they want to improve their grade. If you would like to do so then it may be  helpful to contact your subject teacher in the first instance and ask for their advice.   If, following this,  you do want to be entered for the exams then you should contact the exams officer using the email address below as soon as possible.  Please be aware that the school will not be able to support your preparation for these exams. Deadlines for entry are:


AS & A levels 4 September

GCSEs except English language & maths 18 September

GCSEs in English language & maths 4 October

  • The DfE announced on the 12th August that there will be an opportunity for an appeal to be made on the basis of valid mock results.  At this stage we are waiting for Ofqual to provide more detail on how and when valid mock results can be used to calculate grades.  We will share more information with you on this when it is available.

Exams Officer.  Chanine Gent.  c.gent@kimberleyschool.co.uk

Exams and MIS Team Leader.  Paul Thomas.  p.thomas@kimberleyschool.co.uk

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