Accountability Report

Thank you for your continued support in getting all pupils back into school safely over the past month. All of us are committed to providing the best education possible for your child, while securing the health and safety of our whole school community. Thank you for continuing to follow public health guidelines and encouraging your children to do the same.

You are already aware of the control measures we have put in place to ensure the safe return of all pupils to school. We know that you will be keen to understand the impact that we have had in our first weeks of the term, and what our plans are to ensure all pupils catch up with any missed learning, and what will happen if a pupil or pupil is asked to stay at home over the coming months. The information set out below is to help you understand how Kimberley School is working this term.

School Reopening

School was opened fully to:


  • Year 7 and Year 12 students on the 2nd September. 

  • Years 8, 10 and 13 students on the 3rd September

  • Years 9 and 11 students on the 4th September

There has been no reduction in the number of lessons a day but in order to allow year groups to leave seperately there has been a reduction for some year groups in the length of period 5:


  • Year 7 have 4 x 1 hour lessons a day.  Their 5th lesson is 45 minutes’ long

  • Year 8 have 4 x 1 hour lessons a day.  Their 5th lesson is 50 minutes long.

  • Year 9 have 4 x 1 hour lessons a day.  Their 5th lesson is 55 minutes long.

  • Years 10,11,12 and 13 have 5 x 1 hour lessons a day


No rota system is in place.  All students are able to attend every day.


Years 7 – 11 attendance


Week beginning 1st September - 97.6%

Week beginning 7th September - 94.6%

Week beginning 14th September – 91.9%

Week beginning 21st September - 93.6%

Week beginning 5th October -  94.5%

Overall attendance for the academic year up to 20th March 2020 was 94.6%


Sixth Form Attendance


Week beginning 1st September - 99%

Week beginning 7th September - 98.6%

Week beginning 14th  September – 97.6%

Week beginning 21st  September - 97.5%

Week beginning 5th October -  98%

Coverage of the curriculum

The full curriculum is being taught.  There has been no reduction in the breadth of subjects students are studying as a result of the control measures we have put in place. Practical subject areas have put in place rigorous risk assessments to ensure that where practical lessons do happen they can take place safely and in line with our control measures. 

The Learning Resource Centre is currently closed as a result of the control measures in place.  However, reading catch-up programmes (Hackney Literacy and Switch On Reading) continue


Subject areas have reorganised their curriculum:


  • in the light of the remote curriculum they delivered during the school closure; and

  • to accommodate changes to exam board assessment requirements for exam groups


Subject areas have rewritten their assessment policies to ensure that there is a sharp focus on identifying and tackling gaps in knowledge, skills and subject literacy as a result of school closure.

Until October 6th students did not have a morning tutor time.   Instead key whole school messages and assemblies were delivered in an extended first lesson.  From October 6th students all attend a 10 minute session with their tutors.


Students continue to follow the full Personal Development curriculum in their Tuesday Period 3 tutor lesson.

Remote learning March - July 2020

Remote learning was delivered in three phases during the school closure:

Phase 1 moved us immediately onto Show My Homework as the platform for setting and submitting work. It also allowed Year 11 and Year 13 students to complete courses


In Phase 2 we reduced the pace of work in each subject area for Years 7-10 but strove to deliver the full curriculum in Year 12. Phase 2 saw the introduction of live lessons for Year 12 students and a Step Up To Sixth Programme for Year 11 students.


In Phase 3 we:


  • expanded the use of live lessons for Year 12

  • Across all year groups we developed the use of audio commentaries and pre-recorded lessons to give student clear explanations of new concepts and instructions

  • We undertook extensive monitoring of engagement and worked with families where engagement was poor

  • Year 9 started to study their options subjects

  • Year 10 and Year 12 had access to face to face provision in line with government expectations from June 15th

  • We ran an online virtual well-being day for Key Stage 3 o We conducted an online comprehensive programme of induction for Year 6 and Year 12.

The review of the remote curriculum that we presented to governors and trustees can be accessed here.

Remote learning in the future

We have published on our website our plans for Phases 4 and 5 of our Remote Curriculum Provision.

  • Phase 4 sets out how we will provide work for individual students who are following the governments’ Stay at Home guidance for public health reasons.

  • Phase 5 sets out how we will provide work in a situation where a whole year group is sent home.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Ensuring that students have access to the support that they need is a significant priority for us.  Please do take the time to read through this document which sets out what we are doing and how students can access support if they need to.


If you want to talk to anyone about any concerns, you have about your son or daughter then please do contact the relevant Student Support Team through main reception.  You can also make an anonymous referral using the SHARP System

Thank you for your support in these challenging times. Please remember to follow both the school’s and public health guidance to keep everyone learning safely.

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