Curriculum Details

Year 7



Parent / Carer Support

Introduction to Religious Education

Why we study RE and its importance. Personal beliefs: Atheism, Agnosticism, Theism.

    Exploring personal belief.
    Share your views and beliefs.
    Encourage your child to give opinions with reasons and examples.


Key Jewish beliefs. Covenants of Abraham and Moses. Movements in Judaism and interpretations of the Tanakh.

    Homework exploring meanings behind chapters in the holy book
    Discussing stories and literal/ symbolic understandings of beliefs


Parables of Jesus
Denominations and Biblical interpretations of miracles
Holy week, Easter, Crucifixion, Resurrection

    Newspaper account of the crucifixion of Jesus
    Explore different interpretations of the Bible and miracle accounts. Questioning why some believe miracles exist whilst others don't.


Prophets of Islam, Muhammad* and the Qur'an, The 5 pillars of Islam

    Researching the 5 pillars
    Identifying similarities between Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Discussing whether the pillars are always obligatory

Study Guides, Resources & Extra Support

    Support sessions with Teacher and other students at break or lunch times in H2 and H4.

Year 8



Parent / Carer Support


Brahman and the Trimurti, worship at home and in the mandir, Karma, Reincarnation.

    Researching and explaining cycle of reincarnation
    Discussions comparing Abrahamic religions in Yr7 to Hinduism

Ethical dilemmas

War, pacifism, Christian views.
Animal rights, animal testing, animals in entertainment, Jewish views.
Poverty, Islam

    Interviewing people for their views on war, Writing personal opinions on animal testing
    Looking at different points of view, why people disagree with you and how you could respond.


Life of the Buddha, suffering, 4 noble truths, the middle way.

    Create leaflet/poster to explain the 4 noble truths and sights.
    Compare Buddhism and Hinduism: similarities and differences.

Inspirational people of faith

What makes someone inspirational, election campaign for next world leader.

    Team research project, researching a given inspirational person of faith.
    Help them with research and learning not to copy and paste off the internet!

Study Guides, Resources & Extra Support

    You Tube BBC Schools website Books on Religion in the Library.
    Teacher and older students meeting at break and lunchtimes in H2 and H6.

Year 9



Parent / Carer Support


The study of humanism as a non-religion. Atheism and agnosticism, arguments for and against the existence of God, how we make moral decisions, human rights.

    Researching what human rights are and why they are important.
    Exploring different reasons for not believing in God, encouraging students to justify their individual beliefs.

Problem of Evil

Natural and moral evil, The creation story and the fall of mankind, responses to evil and suffering.

    Creating poster on natural and moral evil.
    Discussion of current global issues

Ethical questions

Abortion: religious and secular views Euthanasia: religious and secular views.

    Formulating arguments for and against ethical questions.
    Awareness of child studying a sensitive topic and discuss.

Ideal world

Religious and secular views on: LGBTQ+, Sexism, Media, Environment, Poverty.

    Researching an issue of interest and prepare presenting to class.
    Helping with research and presentation.

Study Guides, Resources & Extra Support

    You Tube BBC Schools website Books on Religion in the Library and RE rooms.
    Teacher and older students meeting at break and lunchtimes in H2 and H6.