Extended Opening for Year 10 and 12

Parents and carers should refer to this guidance from the Department for Education. 


At Kimberley in all of our decision making on extending face to face provision we will prioritise:

  • the health of students, staff and their families

  • national guidelines on extending opening of secondary schools

  • maintaining and enhancing the remote education of all students across the school

It is the decision of parents/carers as to whether they would like to use the face to face provision, although from an educational perspective we would encourage participation if it is possible.

Information for Parents and Carers


On the 8th June we wrote to all parents setting out the full details of the Year 10 provision.  The letters are set out below, if you cannot remember which group they were allocated to then please contact the school reception. 

The Year 12 letter  and the Year 12 factsheet were also sent on the 8th June.  

This letter on the 23rd June sets out information on expanding provision to include all Year 12 subjects from the 29th June

Guidance for Students

Year 10 and Year 12 Students. 

How will Zones work in school?

Year 12 Students

Getting ready to return to school

Year 10 Students

Getting ready to return to school

Other Useful Documents

The home school agreement that will apply for this provision

The Mornington Bus is not running.  However, the Awsworth Bus will run throughout each day at these times.  If you do use this service then please follow government guidelines

Guidance for students who are attending school but living with someone identified as clinically vulnerable

Letter from Mr George on the 12th June for all Parents and Carers of Year 10 and Year 12

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