Year 10

Maths Foundation





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Calculating Indices.
Use of calculator and functions.Inequality notation.Rounding.Limits of accuracy (bounds).

Visualising and constructing.
Constructions using compasses.
Loci problems.
2D shapes.Plans and elevations.

Calculating space.
Circle definitions and theorems.
Arc lengths, area of sectors and segments.
Surface area of right prisms.Calculations with multiples of Pi.Pythagoras’ theorem.

Congruency criteria for triangles.
Angle facts.
Properties of quadrilaterals.Pythagorean triples.Construction of mathematical proof.

Algebraic proficiency.
Expressions, equations and identities.
Collect like terms.
Simplify expressions by multiplication.Expand brackets.Factorise expressions.Prove expressions are equivalent.Write expressions, equations and formulae.


Algebraic proficiency 2
Linear graphs (y=mx+c).
Find the equation of a line from 2 points.
Interpret gradient.Recognise, sketch and interpret quadratic graphs.Recognise, sketch and interpret cubic graphs.Plot and interpret graphs including reciprocals.

Solving equations and inequalities 1
Understand concepts and vocabulary of inequalities.
Solve linear inequalities.
Represent the solution set to an inequality on a number line.Use a number line to find a set of values that are true for 2 inequalities.

Pattern sniffing.
Recognise and use Fibonacci type sequences.
Recognise and use quadratic sequences.
Substitute values into a quadratic sequence to generate terms.Find the nth term of quadratic sequences.

Proportional reasoning.
Direct and inverse proportion.
Concepts of congruency and similarity.
Compound units.

Understanding risk.
Probability of independent and dependant events.
Enumerate sets and combinations using tree diagrams.Relative frequency.Theoretical probability.

Solving equations and inequalities 2
Solve linear, simultaneous equations.
Derive equations and solve them.
Find solutions using a graph.

Presentation of data.
Interpret and construct tables, charts ,diagrams.
Draw scatter graphs, LOBs, explain correlation and interpolate and extrapolate information.

Alternating between ‘Skills, Challenge stretch homework / Mymaths

and Assessment MyMaths
Cheat sheet / Assess skills against assessment checklist

Check students are getting “green” and if not students need to attend h/w club (see below) 

Students will need to produce cheat sheets as part of revision where applicable.

Year 11






Parent / Carer Support

Sept - Dec










Find angles and lengths in R.A triangles in 2D using trigometry.

Calculate with roots and integer, negative indices.

Solve 2 linear simultaneous equations.

Enlargement including fractional SF.

Expand products of 2 binomials.

Factorise quadratic expressions.

Solve problems involving direct and inverse proportion.

Calculate surface area and volume of 3D shapes.

Solve problems and understand geometric progressions.

Identify and interpret quadratic functions graphically.



Set up, solve and interpret answers to growth and decay problems.

Solve quadratic equations algebraically by factorising.

Infer properties of populations or distributions from a sample using measures of central tendency.

Apply addition, subtraction and multiplication of vectors. Form and interpret  diagrammatic and column representations of vectors.

Revision for final GCSE examination.

Alternating between ‘Skills, Challenge stretch homework / Mymaths



Assessment MyMaths
Cheat sheet / Assess skills against assessment checklist

My Maths

My Maths & Examination Papers

Check students are getting “green” and if not students need to attend h/w club (see below) 

Students will need to produce cheat sheets as part of revision where applicable.

Ensure students have a quiet place to study.

Study Guides Available:

CGP revision guide - available from the maths staffroom £6.50

Extra parental support

  • Spelling tests of key words

  • Test times tables and mental arithmetic

  • Ask students to explain HOW they have worked something out

  • Make posters of important formulae and facts and test recall of these

  • All students should have the latest Casio calculator (available in most supermarkets and stationers) and will ideally have a maths equipment set including a protractor and a pair of compasses

Exam Board: AQA

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