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Year Team Statement

We in the Year Seven Pastoral Team have a fantastic group of students to support through what will be a challenging time ahead. We are fully appreciative of the support and communication from parents and carers of year seven students over the past year and particularly this week. We hope that students in our year group have now established routines and plans to ensure that both their education and wellbeing are going hand in hand. Of course, we are conscious of the challenges we all face at this point; please be aware that both the Year 7 Pastoral team and year 7 tutors will be in touch with you all over the coming school days to check in and see how pupils and families are managing the school week. Please let us know of any difficulties at this moment in time but also share fantastic things that students have been up to from this week and onwards. Our year group will receive an assembly in the form of a video clip from next week; please watch its content and ensure that Year 7 students follow the tips shared and the tasks instructed. We will continue to share assemblies and resources/tips as often as we can to support students and their families.


Our year group were told of the importance of hard work, supporting others and excelling as individuals at the start of September. Myself, Miss Johnson, Miss Wilkinson and all of our fantastic tutor team look forward to building an even stronger relationship with you all as part of this excellent school.

Year 7 Resources

The Year 7 Team is Mr Tom Allen as Year Performance Leader, Miss Anna Johnson as Assistant Year Performance Leader and Mrs Maura Wilkinson as Student Support Assistant.

Tutor Team – Mr Smith, Miss Pengelly, Miss Hall, Miss Harris, Mrs Rice, Mr Howes, Mr Field and Mr Watts

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