Remote Curriculum

Statutory Information for Parents on the Remote Curriculum


Phase 4 of the Remote Curriculum - Individual Students Staying at Home

If you are in Year 7-11 and are absent from school because you are following the governments' stay at home advice then it is important that you continue to complete your work in all subject areas, as long as you are well enough to.

This short video will tell you what we expect of you when you are at home. Links to further support and advice, for example for SEND students, can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can access the work by following these instructions:


- Watch this  video guide and then access the  Remote Curriculum using this link or red button above.  You can only access this if you are logged onto your Office 365 account.

- When you are into the Remote Curriculum resources you should select your year group where you will see a folder for each of your subjects.

Please remember:

- Complete the work set to the best of your ability.  Effort is Everything.  

- Your teacher will tell you if you need to submit any of your work to them during the time you are at home.   They will also tell you how to do so.  

- If you submit any other work to teachers then please understand that they might not be able to reply to you.  They will only mark work that they ask you to submit.

- Unfortunately teachers may not be able to respond to any questions you send them about the work.  The video above sets out what you should do if you are struggling with any of the work whilst you are at home.

- You should continue to try and complete homework set on Show My Homework by your teacher for the whole class.  However, don't worry if you struggle with  the home work as your teacher will help you catch up when you return to school

If you are in the Sixth Form and you are are absent from school for a public health reason then your teachers will set work for you for each lesson on Show My Homework.   You should make every attempt to keep up with the work until you return to school.  Your teacher will help you catch up when you return to school.

From the first day you are at home all students in Years 7 to 13 should:

  • Continue to follow the normal school day.  Working on each of your subjects between 8:50 pm and 3:05 pm.  Allowing time for a short break and lunch

  • For instance if you have maths period 1 then you should complete your maths work during this time, and then move onto your second lesson and so on..

  • Complete the work to the best of your ability.  If you get stuck then your teacher will be able to help catch up you when you return to school.

If you do not have access to a laptop and/or the internet at home then you may be eligible to borrow one of the government laptops or 4G routers.  Please ask your parents to contact the Student Support Team (or Sixth Form Team) if this is the case.

Parents and Carers may find it useful to read this summary of feedback from parents following a period of phase 4 remote education.




Remote Curriculum - Further Support

Oak National Academy Video Lessons

There may be instances during Phase 4 or Phase 5 where students want or need to access the Oak National Academy resources in addition to work set by the school.  For instance:

  • when students need additional help in understanding and learning new concepts; or

  • where your teacher is unwell and is unable to set work.

From the start of the autumn term, students in Year 7 to 11 can access Oak Academy video lessons covering all subjects, for free. 

Students with a Special Educational Need or Disability

  • Oak National Academy includes specialist content for pupils with SEND. This covers communication and language, numeracy, creative arts, independent living, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language therapy. 

  • BBC Bitesize are also offering online lessons for all Key Stages. If students need significant support it may be beneficial to look at lessons and resources aimed at Key Stage 2 (Years 4, 5 and 6) at

  • If students have an identified Key Worker due to their Special Educational Needs then contact will be made during their period of isolation to check that they are able to access the work.

  • There is a SEN folder in the remote curriculum area with some general advice on how to do the work set by teachers. It also has links to some useful websites.

Stay Safe Online

Students who are completing work at home will be spending an extended period of time online.  This helpful guide will remind you of the steps all students should take to keep themselves safe online.

Phase 5 of the Remote Curriculum - January 2021 School Closure update 15th January

To make sure you are fully prepared to access the remote curriculum:

  1. Watch the video below from Mr Park. 

  2. Watch this video guide which gives you step by step instructions on how to log on to your school Microsoft Office account If you have any problems with this, please contact 

  3. After you have logged into your Microsoft Office account you should check that you can access the Remote Curriculum resources.

  4. If you are unsure how to access 'live lessons' on Microsoft Teams, watch this video guide 

On each day all students should

  1. Be ready ready to start working at 8:50am and look on Show My Homework for what they need to do for their first lesson

  2. Work on this until 10am.  Take a short 5 minute break and start work on this at 10:05am.

  3. Work like this until the end of period 5.  Remember to take a 15 minute break during period 2 and 30 min break during period 4

Remember that:

  1. Some of your lessons will be taught live on Microsoft Teams.  If this is happening the teacher will send you a message on Show My Homework.

  2. If your lesson is not being taught live then the work will be set on Show My Homework. In these lessons you can ask teachers questions on SMHW during the lesson time.  Please don't ask questions at other times because your teachers will not be able to answer them.  

  3. Your teachers will tell you if they need you to send work to them for marking.  Only send in the work that they ask for.  They will not be able to mark any other work.

  4. Effort is everything.  We know it is harder at home .  If you do your best you will be ok.  You will not be in trouble if you can't do something 

If you do not have access to a laptop and/or the internet at home then you may be eligible to borrow one of the government laptops or 4G routers.  Please ask your parents to contact the Student Support Team (or Sixth Form Team) if this is the case. School can apply to some mobile phone providers to increase data allowances for students.  The information on this scheme is here.   If this would help your child have access to the remote curriculum resources then you can complete this form and we will make the request on your behalf.