Year 7 & 8






Parent / Carer Support

Biology B1


Chemistry C1


Physics P1

Cells, structure and function of bodily systems, reproduction.


Particles and their behaviour, elements, atoms and compounds, chemical reactions, acids and alkalis.

Forces, sound, light, space.

Biology B2

Chemistry C2


Physics P2

Health and lifestyle, ecosystem processes, adaptation and inheritance.

Periodic table, separation techniques, metals and acids, the Earth.

Electricity and magnetism, energy, motion and pressure.

6 mark questions.

Practical write-ups.


Revision & flashcards.


Key words.

Test knowledge and use of key words and terminology.

Help revision of key topics

and practicals completed

in class.


Encourage revision

methods such as using

flashcards to summarise

and test knowledge.

Study Guides Available:

CGP Study and Question books (will last until the end of Y9) - Purchase via sQuid and collect from the science department.

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 - BBC website

Extra parental support

●  Ensuring students complete homework on time.


●  Encouraging them to seek help if they are struggling.

●  Supporting students to revise for end of chapter tests.

●  Helping students to review tests to see where to improve and set targets to ensure progress.

Exam Board: AQA

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