Covid Control Measures Updated 31st August 2021

Control Measures from September 2021

Guidance Documents: 

The requirement for students to not mix with others from different year groups will no longer be in place.   This means that:

  • All students will have the same start and end of the school day

  • Break and lunch will no longer be staggered.  The school site means that it is not possible to do this without continued significant disruption to lessons across the school.

All students will still be required to follow the one-way system at all times as they move around school. Students have reported that they have found that this has made school safer and calmer as they move around school.  The only time this will not apply is when students are following the queuing system for the canteens at break and lunch.   Students who do not do so may be given a sanction in line with the school behaviour policy

After the warning bell rings at 8:40am students should go to their tutor room and must not linger on the school site.

Students will still be required to sit side-by-side facing the front in all lessons.  This will be reviewed before the October half term. Some subjects may choose to seat students differently in order to facilitate practical lessons. 

Students will still be able to use their contactless card to pay for food and drink in the canteen


Parents’ evenings will  run on-line for the Autumn and Spring term, when this will be reviewed


Parents should still not report to school without an appointment. 

Control Measure 1:  Pupils, staff and visitors follow public health advice on when to self-isolate and what to do. They must not come into school if:

  1. they have one or more coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms

  2. they have had a positive test result

  3. other reasons requiring them to stay at home due to the risk of them passing on COVID-19 (for example, they are required to quarantine)

If anyone in school develops COVID-19 symptoms, however mild:


If one of the reasons above applies and a parent or carer insists on a pupil attending school, the school can take the decision to refuse the pupil if, in our reasonable judgement, it is necessary to protect other pupils and staff from possible infection with COVID-19.  

Students who are absent from school for public health reasons and are well enough should follow their normal school timetable and complete the work on the school’s remote curriculum.  Students should monitor Show My Homework as some teachers may broadcast their lesson live to students who are at home.

Control Measure 2:  Asymptomatic Testing

  • Staff should

    • test on the evening of the 30th August before they return to school on the 1st September

    • undertake and report twice weekly home tests until the end of September, when this will be reviewed

  • Students:

    • Where appropriate consent is in place students will be offered:

      • an appointment for an on-site lateral flow test on Wednesday 1st September

      • a second on-site lateral flow test during lesson time on either Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th September

    • Students should continue to test twice weekly at home until the end of September, when this will be reviewed


Staff and pupils with a positive LFD test result should self-isolate in line with the stay at home guidance. They will also need to get a free PCR test to check if they have COVID19. Whilst awaiting the PCR result, the individual should continue to self-isolate. If the PCR test is taken within 2 days of the positive lateral flow test, and is negative, it overrides the self-test LFD test and the pupil can return to school, as long as the individual doesn’t have COVID-19 symptoms

Control Measure 3:  Ensure good hygiene for everyone

  • Staff, students and visitors should:

    • continue to sanitise their hands: every time they enter a new learning or work room: after going to the toilet; and before eating any food.

    • follow the “catch-it, bin-it, kill-it” approach

    • only use water-fountains to refill water bottles

Control Measure 4:  Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes

  • There will be enhanced cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and toilets during the school day and hygiene packs will be available in each classroom.

  • Students should bring their own equipment to school and should avoid sharing it with others.  

  • Teachers will continue to clean student desks.  However, we will only ask them to do this a minimum of once during the school day

  • Students in IT classrooms are required to wipe their own keyboard, mouse and workspace at the start of each lesson.

  • Students should be able to have full use of equipment and resources needed for lessons.  If it is not possible to clean equipment before use then teachers must ensure that there is an emphasis on excellent hand and respiratory hygiene (not touching face) throughout.

Control Measure 5:  Keep occupied spaces well ventilated

In order to ensure school is well ventilated and a comfortable teaching environment is maintained:

  • Windows will be open in classrooms.  If the weather is cold, then they should be open just enough to provide constant background ventilation.  However, they should then be opened more fully during breaks to purge the air in the room

  • Internal classroom doors must be left open throughout the lesson to create a throughput of air.   It may be necessary to shut these for short periods of time to avoid disturbing the lesson during movement time.

  • External doors may also be opened if necessary as long as they are not fire doors

  • Where we have air conditioning units these have been set to ensure they are drawing on an outside air supply.


To balance the need for ventilation and a comfortable temperature staff may:

  • open high level windows (if they exist) in preference to low level to reduce draughts

  • increase ventilation while spaces are unoccupied

  • rearrange furniture to avoid direct drafts.  However, this should only happen if students can still sit side by side and facing the front


School heating should also ensure comfort levels are maintained.   If students are too cold in lessons they:

  • can wear a plain black v-neck jumper as well as a blazer; and/or

  • wear a plain white vest under their shirt.


The combination of these measures and the school heating means that coats do not need to be worn in classes

Control Measure 6:  Wear a face covering

Our approach to face coverings is under constant review and parents and students should understand that, in the event of a local outbreak, this may change at anytime with very short notice

When there is no local outbreak

  • Students can choose to wear a face covering during the school day.  However, pastoral teams will intervene if this presents a behaviour management problem.

  • In order to protect each other and the bus driver students should continue to wear a face covering on the school bus


Staff can choose to wear a face covering but if they do so in lessons we would ask them to be mindful of maintaining good communication with students.   Staff may choose to  wear a face covering in staff kitchens, meeting rooms, toilets and meetings if they feel it is appropriate.


When there is a local outbreak


  • All students, other than those who are exempt, will be expected to wear face coverings on the school premises including in lessons.

  • The only time students do not have to wear a face covering is when they are eating or drinking

  • Students who are exempt will be issued with an orange lanyard which they must wear at all times

  • Year Teams will impose sanctions if a student who is not exempt refuses to wear a face covering

  • Students must wear face coverings on school buses

  • Students should be aware that this is a school rule and they are expected to follow it

  • Staff will continue to wear face coverings when they are unable to maintain a 2m distance from a student

Kimberley School Covid-19  Risk Assessment