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Student Support Team

All of the staff in The Student Support Team are non-teachers whose primary role is to work with students, parents and staff to deliver a quick resolution to issues that get in the way of any child being safe, happy and successful at The Kimberley School. 


The role of The Student Support Team is set out below:

  • to resolve day to day incidents of poor behaviour as quickly as possible – applying sanctions as appropriate;

  • to work with parents to address any concerns that they may have about any pastoral issues;

  • to be first point of contact for any students experiencing difficulties at home or school that they need to discuss with someone;

  • to be a team of “key workers” who will link with vulnerable students (behaviour, emotional or attendance) and work with home to ensure students receive support and challenge they need;

  • to pre-empt obstacles that may impact on students and seek to remove them before a problem occurs;

  • to agree, plan, implement and monitor packages of alternative provision for students not succeeding within our core curriculum;

  • to oversee students who are placed on “pre-exclusion” and monitor their return to lessons;

  • to be extra pairs of eyes and ears around the school site during and between lessons;

  • to administer all fixed term exclusions and reintegration packages.


Year Performance Leaders continue to play a major role in pastoral support and will retain an overview of all students in their year group; working closely with The Student Support Team to implement any intervention that individuals or groups need.

The Student Support Team is led and managed by Donna Hawkes. Please don’t hesitate to contact her if you would like to discuss any of this further.


Other staff based in The Student Support Team are:

Maura Wilkinson         Deputy Student Support Leader

Bradd Farnsworth        Student Receptionist

Eleri Dunstan                Student Support Assistant (Attendance)

Holli Levett                    Student Support Assistant  (Behaviour)

Louise Smith                 Student Support Assistant (Welfare/Admissions)

Jo Pates                          Student Support Assistant (Welfare/Admissions)

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