Severe Weather


Throughout the cold season we monitor the weather, including via the Met Office website (click here for the link). During bad weather we will post information on the severe weather page as conditions change.

We always aim to keep the school open. You should, therefore, not assume that the school will be closed in the event of bad weather. If a decision is made to close the school, a message will be posted on this website and communicated through local radio stations:

–  BBC Radio Nottingham (103.8)
–  Capital FM (96.2)
–  GEM 106FM (106.0)

Please note that these radio stations and this website are the only credible sources of this information.  See below a link to the BBC list of school closures:

–  BBC Radio Nottingham – List of School Closures

During bad weather, please DO NOT telephone the school unless your call is of an urgent nature. Our telephone system cannot cope with high call volumes and staff may be attempting to call in or out. Alternatively, you can email

Updates will be posted on this webpage at regular intervals. At times our website server can become busy and slow. Keep refreshing your page until the information appears (the F5 key is a quick way of doing this). If you have difficulties accessing the website, listen out for announcements on the radio.