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Careers and University

Current apprenticeship vacancies available through Vision Apprentice:


Post-18 Alternatives

Post-18 Options: gap year

If you are looking to take a gap year and travel abroad, there is new information in the ‘Abroad’ box file, near to the printer in the Common Room.

Some information from the organisers:

Outreach International is a successful gap year organisation and has been responsible for sending young people overseas since 1998. We match the needs of local communities with the skills and interests of our volunteers. Opportunities include working with the following:
•  Orphanages and street children
•  Medical
•  Teaching English
•  Disabled children
•  Sports coaching
•  Animal rescue and conservation

As always, if you choose to take on an experience like this, research it thoroughly first.

Thinking About the Future

UCAS Presentation with audio

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