Student Notices 


Information for the New Academic Year

In the video, Mrs Frost-Briggs refers to the addendum to the behaviour policy which sets out some new rules that will be in place for September.   You can read these new rules here.

Our new Assistant Head Teacher, Mr Knapczyk, introduces himself to you in this video

Other information students might find useful in preparing for September:

- Times of the school days have changed:

- Full details of the one way system are here.  You can enter the school site through any of the outside entrances.  However, once you are on the school site you must follow the one-way system

- New behaviour rules are in place for September:

Arrive on time to school and go straight to your classroom, do not wait for friends around the site or on corridors


Enter the classroom quickly and quietly and wipe your table and chair (including the tops of the metal legs) thoroughly using the wipes provided


Use the hand sanitiser on entry to the classroom to clean your hands thoroughly


Try to maintain a 2metre distance from all adults and from all students not in your group (other year groups who will be wearing different coloured badges for clarity) at all times


Pay close attention to markings on the floor/walls or barriers to follow the one-way system around the school site


When moving around the site, walk sensibly, calmly and purposefully following the one-way system strictly. Remain at least 1 metre away wherever possible from the person in front and behind and do not seek to talk or mix with anyone from another year group. Be mindful that lessons will be going on for other year groups and you should be careful not to disturb these


Stay in your allocated year group zones during break and lunchtime. You may not wander outside of your zone at any point nor enter another year group’s zone at any point


Avoid skin to skin contact with any other student and never spit in school


Maintain excellent hand hygiene. All students must wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds – (remembering the importance of drying) at the following times:

Before leaving home

On arrival to a classroom/area

After using the toilet

After breaks/sporting activities

Before food preparation

Before eating any food (including snacks)


Maintain good respiratory hygiene, adhering to the protocol of “Catch it – bin it – kill it”, using the lidded bins provided. Tissues will be available for students to aid with this. In the event of not being able to quickly source a tissue, students should ensure they sneeze into the crook of their elbow


Do not leave your seat during lessons


Students are not to go to the toilet in lesson time unless they have a toilet pass or it is deemed an urgent situation. If a student does visit the toilet in lesson, this must only be done when their teacher agrees it is safe to do so.


Students are expected to strictly follow all instructions and should use hand sanitiser when returning to the lesson  When using the water fountains around the site, please observe 2 metres social distancing when queuing, sanitise your hands after use and use the station only as a re-fill station and do not drink directly from it


Leave the school after your final lesson of the day in an orderly fashion, calmly and quickly and when asked to do so by a member of staff, following the one-way system. 

School Notices March-Sept

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