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The Kimberley School
Newdigate Street
NG16 2NJ

Main School Number: 0115 938 7000


All matters relating to recruitment:
All matters relating to Student Services:

For matters of attendance/absence:

Parents should contact the student support team through the main school reception phone number. Please refer to our Attendance Policy for more details.

Public Reception - Mrs V.Heath, Mrs R.Broker

Head Teacher - Mr A. George

Chair of Governers - Mrs N. Clark

See the guide below for the school contact/complaints procedure.

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Who's who

SLTAsset 6.png

Mr Danny Knapczyk

Assistant Head Teacher

Year 7

Y7Asset 3.png

YPL Mr Matt Bacon

AYPL Mr Sam Straw

SSA Mrs Louise Smith

Year 9

Y9Asset 2.png

YPL Mrs Gemma Blacow

AYPL Miss Debbie Taylor

SSA Miss Eleri Dunstan

Mrs Helen Frost-Briggs

Deputy Head Teacher

Year 8

1212Asset 1.png

YPL Mr Tom Allen

AYPL Miss Anna Johnson

SSA Mrs Maura Wilkinson

Year 10

Y10Asset 5.png

YPL Mr Tom Williamson

AYPL Mrs Tracy Blythe

SSA Mrs Donna Hawkes

Year 11

Y11Asset 4.png

YPL Mr Oliver Tuck

AYPL Miss Lauren Hanks

SSA Miss Holli Levett

Annual Reports & Accounts

The Kimberley School is part of the East Midlands Education Trust.

For EMET Annual Reports and Accounts of the following information:

  • Annual reports

  • Annual audited accounts

  • memorandum of association

  • articles of association

  • names of charity trustees and members

  • funding agreement

please visit the EMET website Trust Information page.