Uniform is an important part of school life. It creates an equality across all students and helps them prepare for a working life. A smart uniform that is worn correctly can instil a sense of pride in all students about themselves and the school that they attend. Below is a quick visual guide for parents that sets out in full details our expectations of uniform and appearance.

As part of the Covid-19 measures , classrooms will be well-ventilated and cooler than usual.  Therefore students will have the option of wearing a plain black, long sleeved v-neck jumper underneath their blazer. The jumper is not to be worn instead of the blazer at any time in the school day.  There is also the option of a school jumper with a school logo which can be purchased from Academy School Uniforms. 


A uniform fitting event for Year 7 students who will be starting in September 2021 will be held in school on 22nd -23rd July from 3-6pm - more details about booking an appointment slot will follow shortly. Orders for uniform should be placed online by 6th August to ensure that they arrive in time for the new term.  

Kimberley School Uniform Guidelines

Students Must Wear



Plain white shirt with a collar, buttoned to the neck and tucked in.





The Kimberley School Skirt with the logo

The school skirt must me worn to its full length (see diagram below)

From September 2021 students who wear the school skirt must also wear plain black tights.


Straight black boot cut or straight



The Kimberley School blazer with badge

The Kimberley School tie/senior tie


Plain black tights when wearing the school skirt

Plain black socks when wearing trousers



One small stud earring in each ear


A plain sensible coat that can be worn over the blazer

Students Must NOT Wear



Polo shirts


Patterned, coloured or T-shirts with logos, worn underneath the school shirt

Shirt with collar worn without the tie

Hoodies of other jumpers

Any other skirt

Skinny or tapered trousers

Jean or denim material

Cropped or 3/4 length trousers

Stitched on pockets

Embellishments or adornments

Any other blazer

Any other tie

Footless, patterned or coloured tights

Knee length socks

Bracelets, extra rings, necklaces, hooped or large earrings, ANY facial or body piercings

Denim jackets

Leather/suede jackets

Hoods, sweatshirts or jumpers

Offensive logos or motif​​​​​​



Unnatural hair colours, unconventional styles or cuts are not allowed. This includes cut patterns or designs in the hair.

Nail varnish is natural and nails should be a suitable and sensible length for school. 

Makeup should be natural and minimal.


The skirt should be touching the top of the knee. The skirt must be purchased from Just Schoolwear.

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Kimberley School P.E. Uniform Guidelines


Students May Wear



(C) Blue Polo shirt featuring the school logo

(O) Blue/Black/White long sleaved underlayer
(O) Plain Black Jumper (to be worn over school logo top)

*If you have ordered and are waiting for a Blue Polo Shirt featuring the school logo, your child must bring a Plain Black/Navy/white t-shirt as an alternative with a note from a parent or carer*


(C) Black/Navy blue shorts
(C) Black/Navy blue tracksuit bottoms
(C) Black/Navy blue leggings


(C) Ankle supporting sports trainers
(C) Astro trainers
(C) Studded boots


Black/Navy blue sport socks


Strictly no jewellery


Students Must NOT Wear


Any other Polo shirt


Any other coloured shorts, tracksuit bottoms and leggings.

Tights (these must be removed)

Converse, Vans

Plimsoles (or any flat.non ankle supporting trainers


All jewellery items must be removed for P.E. lessons


*(C) = Compulsory (O) = Optional

*Due to the ongoing Pandemic, please understand the majority of PE lessons will take place outside in all weathers. Please make sure your child is well equipped for PE.*


If your child attends a PE lesson without any of the correct compulsory items of kit, they will be placed in a 20 minute detention

If your child attends a PE lesson with an item which is on the students must not wear kit list, they will be asked to remove it at the beginning of the lesson.

All Jewellery must be removed from in the changing rooms; if jewellery cannot be removed, it must be covered/taped up (student responsibility). Jewellery still being worn in lesson without coverings will result in an 20 minute detention.


Our recommended suppliers of uniform are:

Just Schoolwear:  www.just-schoolwear.co.uk also known as Academy School Uniforms.

Hamiltons of Ilkeston and 

Schoolwear Solutions