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Parent Guide 2024


I am delighted that you have chosen us for your child’s secondary education. I am looking forward to working in partnership with you during the next seven years to ensure that your child achieves or surpasses their academic and social potential.

I am proud to be the Head Teacher of the Kimberley School and my aim is to ensure students enjoy school, feel safe, achieve outstanding academic exam results, and have access to a vast range of exciting opportunities outside of the classroom that help prepare them for a
successful adult life.

I fully understand the anxieties that parents can experience during transition from Year 6 and you
should be reassured that our priority is to work with you and your child to ensure that they have the best possible start to life at Kimberley. Our track record of successful transition is outstanding. This booklet will tell you more about the school and help you prepare for September, however, if you do have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to contact the school and we will be happy to help.

Head Teacher

Andy Park

A Park.webp

I am responsible for the pastoral care and safeguarding of all students at The Kimberley School. Through a team of Year Performance Leaders, Assistant Year Performance Leaders and the Student Support Team, we make sure that students attend, are punctual, wear the correct uniform and behave well. We encourage the highest of standards so everyone can learn effectively. Our aim is to ensure that every child in our care achieves their full potential.

Mr Knapczyk

- Deputy Head

Ms Eatherington

- Assistant Head

With responsibility for behaviour and personal development, I also oversee the pastoral care of our students through leading the Year Performance Leaders and working with Mr Knapczyk to ensure the safeguarding of all of our students. I will also ensure that we are embedding The Kimberley Way so all students are able to demonstrate and experience respect, pride and success.

Mrs Lawrence


I am the school SENCO and organise support for students with additional needs from our base in the Learning Support department. If your child need a key worker to support them, our wonderful TAs will be able to work with them on strategies to help their learning and ensure that they can be included in all aspects of school life and enjoy your learning experience with us. We are looking forward to meeting the future year 6s and working with you in September.


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