Values & Ethos 

Strategic Priorities 2019-2022

Our main aim is to enable every child to achieve or surpass their academic and social potential. We aim for a high quality of education for all students; underpinned by a strong programme of pastoral support, personal development and enrichment opportunities. We achieve this by working in partnership with the whole community and focusing relentlessly on these strategic priorities:

  • To maintain a strong culture of safeguarding children and good attendance by continuing to ensure that arrangements are effective and are in line with statutory requirements

  • To continue to evaluate and refine a broad curriculum which gives all students access to the knowledge and skills that they need to take advantage of the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

  • To ensure that all teaching and assessment is highly effective in enabling all students to embed and use knowledge fluently.

  • To ensure that all students make rapid and sustained academic progress throughout year groups and across all subjects

  • To sustain consistent high standards of behaviour and attitudes across all aspects of school life that creates a very positive climate for learning 

  • To continue to enable students eligible for Pupil Premium and other vulnerable groups to achieve, attend and behave in line with the rest of the school.

  • To further develop skilled strategic leadership and management across the school so that the education that the school provides has a positive impact on all students

  • To further extend the curriculum so that it provides for pupils’ broader personal development

The Kimberley School will:

  • Ensure that all students receive the care, guidance and support that they need to succeed 

  • Take every possible step to ensure that all children are safe from abuse, neglect or from being drawn into terrorism

  • Continue to expect high standards of behaviour and attitude from all of our students 

  • Design a curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of individuals, not league tables  

  • Focus on depth and enjoyment of learning, not just on exam preparation  

  • Foster an ethos of enjoyment, respect and success 

  • Listen to parents and carers and use their feedback to further improve our work 

  • Provide the best possible education for pupils of different abilities  

  • Provide a rich menu of opportunities for students to pursue non-academic talents such as Music, Sport, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award  

  • Sustain and develop positive relationships with our local community and prioritise school places for them

  • Recruit and retain talented and committed staff who are committed to taking every possible step to enable our students to be successful

  • Promote British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

  • Draw on the expertise and experience of schools within the East Midlands Education Trust to ensure the very best provision and outcomes for all students

  • Work in partnership with our family of schools to sustain outstanding transition arrangements into Year 7

updated 4th March 2022