Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening

The Virtual Open Evening for Year 11 Parents and Carers will run on Wednesday 4th November.  Please return here then to access the full set of resources. Please do be reassured that we will do all that we can to provide you with the information you need to help you find out about our great Sixth Form.  On this page you can find details of: what you can do now to find out about the Sixth Form; and how the Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening for parents and students will work on the 4th November

What can you do now to find out more about Kimberley School?

Please do explore our website which provides a wealth of information that will help you find out more about our Sixth Form.  In particular, you may find these links useful:

  • You can download a copy of our  Sixth Form prospectus

  • This page of our website gives on overview of key information about our Sixth Form.  On this page you can also download the regular parent and student bulletins which give you a real flavour of life in our Sixth Form.

  • You might find it useful to see if you will be eligible for the Sixth Form Bursary

  • The Sixth Form Induction page contains the full online induction programme we used last summer with Year 11 as they prepared to start in the Sixth Form this September.  The subject videos here will be especially useful in answering any questions you have about each subject.

  • The subject videos are also accompanied by comprehensive Subject Booklets.   At the time of writing these were for the academic year 2020 but please be assured that significant changes are unlikely.  We will update these before the Virtual Open Evening.

  • In Summer Term 2020 we shared with Year 11 students preparing to join us in September a “Step Up To Sixth Form” programme to help them start to prepare to study their chosen subjects.  Again these will be useful in helping you find out more about each subject area.

  • You can see the entry criteria for the sixth form and each subject area.

  • You can review the performance tables for 2019 which compare our performance with other schools in Nottinghamshire where we were once again among the very highest performing Sixth Forms in the County.  This table shows you how this performance has been sustained over the last three years.  I am sure that you are aware that the government are not publishing performance tables for 2020.

I don’t currently attend Kimberley School but I am considering applying.  How can I find out more?

I am sure you will understand that it is not possible to invite you into school for a tour at the moment.  However, if you want to find out more about Kimberley School then there are areas of our website which you should find helpful:

  • You can download a copy of our main school prospectus

  • The Values and Ethos page sets out what we are about and what our priorities are

  • You may also find it useful to view some of the materials which will be available on our website for the Year 6 Virtual Open Evening on the 12th October as these will include a presentation from myself and a virtual tour of the school.

How will the Virtual Open Evening Work?

The Virtual Open Evening will take place on Wednesday 4th November.  On this day you will be able to access an area of the website where you and your child will be able to view:

  • A video presentation from the Sixth Form Leadership Team which will take you through everything you need to know about the Sixth Form.

  • A video presentation from our Deputy Head Teacher about your subject choices and the application process.

  • A virtual tour of our brand new, multi-million pound Sixth Form Centre

  • A video of current Sixth Form students talking about life in the Sixth Form.

  • There will also be an opportunity to send in any questions you have.  We will use these to produce a Frequently Asked Questions document which we will publish on the school website.

How can I access the Virtual Open Evening?

Simply return to this page on the 4th November so that you can access the full range or resources.

Will anything happen in school?

Week beginning 2nd November will be a Sixth Form Information Week.  During this week there will be a number of opportunities for students to find out about our Sixth Form.  These will include:

  • Subject teachers will spend at least 15 minutes in one or their lessons talking to Year 11 students, and answering questions, about what it is like to study their subject in the Sixth Form.

  • On Thursday 5th November from 3.30pm-4.30pm the non- GCSE subjects (Sociology, Psychology and Photography) will run information stalls in the main hall to give students information about these subject areas.

  • There will also be displays in lunch areas giving students further information about the 6th Form

I would really appreciate the opportunity to speak to a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team?


You can contact the Sixth Form Leadership Team directly by email:


We do know what an important decision this is for you and in these difficult circumstances we want to make sure that you have all the information you need.  Kimberley Sixth Form is the highest performing 6th form provider in the local area.  Making a choice to join our Sixth Form next year will mean that you have access to the very best teaching, the very best enrichment, the very best facilities and the very best support in securing your chosen destination after Sixth Form. We are looking forward to seeing you, virtually, on the 4th November. 

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