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Music Tuition

Kimberley School Extra Curricular

Instrument lessons take place once a week during the school day and are 20 minutes long. Students can choose to have individual or a shared lesson with one other student. For students having shared lessons, we place them with students of similar ability wherever possible. Lessons are on a rotation timetable to ensure that students do not miss the same lessons each week. Timetables can be found on the music department noticeboard for each term.


Instruments Offered

Music Tuition Costs and Exemption

Fees are charges PER TERM and are fixed for the academic year.

£127       Individual Lessons

£63.50    Shared Lessons (two students)

£16         Instrument Hire (please ask for availability)

  • Where students are receiving Pupil Premium funding

  • Where students are receiving Free School Meals

  • Where the parent can provide evidence of an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate

For these students we are able to offer free shared lessons plus free instrument hire on one instrument. If a student wishes to learn a second instrument, this will need to be paid for.

Lessons are paid for in advance of each term via ParentPay.

Students will receive a minimum of 10 Lessons per term.

Letter for Parents regarding Music Tuition 23-24

How to apply for instrumental lessons

If your child is interested in having lessons, please fill contact the school office:   providing us with the following details:

  • Student / child name

  • Tutor group (or expected tutor group if currently in Year 6)

  • Your name and relationship to the student

  • Valid email address

And then a link will be sent to you to begin the application process.


​If there is a place available for your child, you will receive a confirmation email from our Arts Technician with further instructions of payment details.


Continuing Students

Students who pay for their lessons will receive an invoice by email to request payment. We kindly request that payments be made by the deadline as per the invoice.


Musical Instruments

You can hire instruments per term at a charge £16, Students can bring in their own instrument; we will need to know the Make/Model /Serial No. for our records. (This information can be entered on the application form).  There is no instrument hire for piano, keyboard, drums and vocal lessons. The peripatetic music teacher will be notified if your child needs to hire an instrument. It may take 2 to 3 weeks for an instrument to be provided after signing up. In the meantime an instrument may be made available and provided to use for their lesson. 

There is a storage room in the music department where instruments can be left safely during the school day.  It is your child’s responsibility to ensure their instrument is stored correctly and safely.

Additional information

  • Registers are taken during each lesson, and attendance is monitored by the department. Where lessons are missed by the student, parents will be notified via School comms. Please also see the music policy and terms and conditions for further information regarding this.

  • Reports are given at the end of each academic year by the instrumental teacher to inform you of your child’s progress.

  • Students can be entered for exams if they wish, and if their teacher feels this is right for the student.

    If you have any queries, please contact

Tuition Timetables & Rota System

This is a typical timetable and students are allocated a letter in which is rotated across the term to ensure student’s do not miss the same lesson each week.

On some occasions, students may be allocated a slot before the school curriculum begins.  This is at the arrangement of both the student and the visiting teacher.

rota img1.jpg

And registers are taken each week to monitor attendance.


This is a typical example that indicates:  Present / Absent / Late / Authorised absence eg trip, or other valid reasons

rota img2.jpg
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