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Good Attendance Matters - Students

You will only be successful at school if you attend school.    Our aspiration is for everyone at Kimberley School to attend for more than 95% of the year.  If your attendance is 95% or below then you will fall behind.  Days off add up to lost learning.  Even if your attendance is at 95% this will mean that you have missed 40 lessons in one year – the equivalent of 8 full days of lessons.

My attendance is lower because I have had to isolate this year because of the pandemic. 

We know this has happened and we know that you have no choice.  However, now this has happened it is more important than ever that you attend school regularly.  The legal requirement for students to self-isolate if they test positive for Covid-19 was removed on the 24th February 2022.  Students are also no longer expected to test twice weekly.

It is OK if I am off school because I can still follow a remote curriculum. 

Nothing is more effective than when you are in school working with teachers.  The remote curriculum is only there as a “second best” option for students who are forced by government regulation to isolate and to miss school.  It is only second best and you will fall behind if you are not attending school.

Why is attendance important now?  No one cared about attendance when the government closed schools. 

The closure of schools has had a significant impact on the learning and progress of all students across the country.  Schools closed because of a global health emergency.  Although we all tried to continue to teach and support you whilst you were at home this was not as good as when you are able to attend school.  It was “second best”. It is more important than ever that you now attend for more than 95% of the school year.


Sometimes I need to be off school because important things are happening at home. 

If you are well enough then you need to be in school.  School is only open for 190 days which means that there are 175 days each year to spend on family time, visits, shopping, holidays, household jobs and other appointments.  Remember school finishes at 3:05 pm every day which also leaves time for families and friends.

What will happen if my attendance falls below 95%?

If your attendance does fall below 95% then it is important that you improve it quickly.  We will work with you to understand why you are not attending school regularly and to support you back in improve attendance. 


If your attendance falls below 90%

You do not need to worry if there is a legitimate reason for your absence.  The most important thing is that your attendance now starts to improve.

I think 90% attendance is good.  If I got 90% in a test you would be pleased. 

90% attendance is not good.  Whilst it may be good in a test, in attendance terms it means you are missing the equivalent of 3 weeks and 1 day of school each year.

My parents aren’t worried if I don’t attend school – so why are you? 

Your parents have a responsibility to ensure that you attend school.  Parents do not have the right to keep you at home for no good reason.  If they do, then this may lead to them being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or even prosecuted.


My parents are letting me stay at home because my brother/sister/friend/couisin is ill. 

This is not a legitimate reason to miss school.  We do monitor this and if it happens then the absence will not be authorised.  Unauthorised absences may lead to your parents being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or even prosecuted.

Sometimes I am late in the morning and I am too embarrassed to come into school when everyone is already here. 

We understand that you might feel embarrassed but it is much better to miss a few minutes of school than it is to miss a whole day. 


Who do I speak to in school if I need help improving my attendance? 

You could speak to your tutor in the first instance.  However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so then you could speak to these people.

Does my attendance really matter?

  • If your attendance is above 95% then you have the best chance of success in your exams.

  • If your attendance falls below 95% then you have less chance of success and are likely to average a 1 grade loss in exam performance.

  • If your attendance falls below 90% then you have limited chance of success and are likely to fail or fall very short of your target grades.

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Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Student Support Assistant

Mrs Wheatley

Miss Levett

Mrs Smith/Mrs Pates

Mrs Wilkinson

Miss Dunstan

Year Performance Leader

Mr Toon

Mr Tuck

Mr Bacon

Mr Newman

Miss Raymond

Assistant YPL

Mrs Blythe

Miss Hanks

Mr Straw

Miss Hall

Miss Taylor

If you are in the Sixth Form then you can speak to your tutor, Ms Iwanczuk, Mrs Booth or Mr Clemmet.

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