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  • My child has been placed in a different tutor group to their close friends, can they change groups?"
    The tutor group is the group in which the students register and are taught some of their lessons. In many lessons, the students are mixed with others from across the year group – for instance in core subjects where students are grouped by ability, and in practical lessons where group sizes are smaller for health and safety reasons. Our priority is to place students into tutor groups where they will work best. It is important to note that this may not necessarily be with all of their friends. Indeed, experience shows us children integrate more efficiently into school if they are mixed up a little and make new friends. We have placed students into groups based upon information received from their current Primary School. This includes the support they might benefit from, as well as individuals they may not work well with. We cannot guarantee that students will be with their friends however we will endeavour to place them with others from their Primary School. As we are over-subscribed, the tutor groups are full. As a result, we are unable to make any changes to these groups. Please do be reassured that we will work with all students in September to ensure that they quickly settle into their new tutor group and classes.
  • Where should my son/daughter go on their first day in September?
    The first day for year 7 will be Wednesday 6th September. We operate a staggered start back after summer to allow year 7s to be the first students in so they have to time to get to know school, their timetable and their tutors. We will begin the day with an assembly at 8.45 (so students need to be on site for 8.40am) so they will need to make their way to the main hall, which is where they will also be on the transition days in July, and staff will be on hand to help direct them.
  • Will students get to meet their tutor on the Induction day?
    Students will meet their tutors on the inductions days and have time in their new tutor groups getting to know each other, the school systems and their way around!
  • What do I do if I think my child is Dyslexic?
    Our Learning Support team can run tests to see if we need to put in place any additional support for your child. Please be aware, however, that Year 7 need some ‘settling in’ time for the first few months before we usually do this.
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